Fancy Ambassadors Guideline



  Following this simple steps,   you'll get paid + get FREE items  





 STEP 1  


✔️ Setup the payment :

Go to Account & Settings, then click ( Payment  Settings )


⛔️ If you do not have paypal, you can setup a bank account ( Contact us if you want other payment method)




 STEP 2  

✔️ Promote your Reffral Link

if you want to promote any product, collection :


Copy the link of the product/colection from and paste it in " Create a link to a specific page ", then click generate and promote the generated link.


✔️ To maximize your earnings, share on facebook, Twitter, blogs ...ect


NOTE : you can use only your Discount CODE to track your earnings, if you don't want to use links



 STEP 3  Request your Discount CODE ( your name, your instagram ID, nickname..etc ). People who use your CODE at checkout, will get 20% OFF & you earn 20% on sales 


 STEP 4  

Place your Disocunt CODE in your Bio and Tag us.

✔️ Download images from our store, post them to your IG and Tag us ( Or repost from @outfancy )

✔️ Share on stories and highlight your stories to gain more traffic to your link 



How much you can earn ?

- An example above : Dress price  44.99$ ➡️You earn 9$  per each customer you bring

- Our customers buy 2-3 items on average, which means you will double/tripple your earnings.

- Our Top Ambassadors earn 1200$ and more

Monthly FREE Items qualification :

✔️ People who gernate 5 sales / month, will automatically get 1 FREE product.

✔️ Loyal ambassadors who generated link clicks and tried hard to promote. We will reward them with FREE items even they dont generate sales.

500$ Monthly Reward : 

✔️ For Loyal ambassadors who tag us the most